Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The stupid things I do

Last year, I had big plans for the D2R2. Sadly, my big plans were met with failure. I was really hoping to be successful, because then I'd never have to do the 18(6? 7?)0k ride again. I could do the fun 100k ride, because I'd have the long ride under my belt. But, I've got nothing under my belt except weakness, so I've signed up for the long ride again. Ugh!

Conversely, these things can be filed under the awesome things I do category:

Soba with kickass spinach and fried tempeh.

Curry noodles with dumplings and bok choi.

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Cully_J said...


I tried emailing you, but got a "Mail Delivery Failure" in return. So, I'll send you the original email I intended to send:


I regularly read your blog.

How's the weather in Hartford? It's been a cold and snowy winter here in Appleton, WI.

That Columbia on your blog is totally new to me. Thanks for introducing me to it. It's the purest fixed gear I've seen. They're still making chainless bikes. I found these [] online. They seem reasonably priced.

How's winter cycling in Hartford? I'd love to read a blog post where you write about it.

Keep it real,
Cullen Carter"

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