Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Tracks

Above: pigeon, dog, shoe and bike tracks this afternoon in Bushnell Park. I took a short ride today at lunchtime, passing through the park twice. The snow of the uncleared areas made for much cleaner (and prettier) riding than the slushy streets. I had a great ride yesterday afternoon in the greater Newington metro area with El Prez, Brendan, Salem, Erik, and Ken. The curb-found Diamond Back was still filthy from the muddier portions of that ride, so I figured the snow might help clean it some. I saw one young sledder and a few people with their dogs in the otherwise quiet park. I stopped to play with a friendly brown Newfie that may have outweighed me. He had a really giant head.

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schleppi longstocking said...

This morning I made the first human prints through the park, off sidewalk. When I returned I saw three different sets of bike tracks and a whole lot of people-walking-in-circle tracks (chasing their dogs?). It's beautiful before everything turns to slush.