Monday, February 8, 2010

Bikes Outside: Barrio Style

Today 's Bikes Outside feature is my favorite thus far. Somebody obviously put a lot of time and care into decorating this cruiser-style bike and I really like that. It gets bonus points for D.I.Y. resourcefulness, as the multicolor striping you see there is all neatly-applied strips of colored duct tape. I spotted this one on Park Street in Frog Hollow. The Spanish-speaking owner came out as I was photographing it and was good-natured, if somewhat mystified at my interest in it. Our verbal exchange was brief, as my own particular brand of French-inflected Spanglish serves as little more than an efficient way to confuse and alienate speakers of all three contributing languages. It's kind of sad, really. I need to work on that.

In this bike's owner, we have personified the nullification of every excuse anyone has ever given for not riding. You think you're too old? Unless you are well into your 70's or older, this man has you beat. Too cold? Temps were in the low 20's this particular afternoon. Are you too tired, too sore, too out of shape? I invite you to check out the custom cane mount. This man walks with a cane, hooks it on to the rack and frame of his heavy single-speed bike and rides on. The majority of Hartford's cycling public (myself included) look a bit more wussy all of a sudden. You sir, are awesome. That's très imponente!

Now stop reading this, bundle up and go for a ride. No excuses!


Kerri said...

That guy is awesome. I kind of want for him to decorate one of my bikes for me.

chillwill said...

yar! hartford needs more bicycles like that! and bicyclists!

Erik Jorgensen said...

Muchas gracias. Le velo esta muy magnifique.