Monday, January 5, 2009

The New Year

I hate that Death Cab for Cutie song called "The New Year".

So, we're deep into 2009 and there hasn't been a post yet, so I guess I'll put something up. I haven't been doing much bike related lately. I put some studded Nokians on my Stumpjumper and rode it around in the snow some. The tires actually work pretty well on snowy things, though it seems that you can't ride in snow that's deeper than like 4" or 5". That seems pretty acceptable, though. The bike has rim brakes and they're pretty unacceptable in the snow.

I also have two bicycle related resolutions, or maybe they're goals.

1) Ride the D2R2.
I know that randoneuring is usually for people with helmet mirrors, but it also seems really difficult. So, I'm going to do the 108 mile edition of the D2R2.

2) Make a 'cross race happen in Hartford.
I put the bug in Ben Bare's ear for him to bring it up at the last Bike Everywhere and Jay and some others seem genuiely interested. I hope for Keney park, but most other people seem to want to do it at Riverside Park. Doesn't really matter to me as long as it happens.


Anybody else got cool ideas and plans for 2009?


G said...

I've done D2R2 100k last three years. Tough ride, bring your climbing gears. Weather can make the difference. Definitely feel like you've accomplished something.

Cross race in Hartford = very cool.

Brendan said...

What kind of bike did you ride?

I was gonna ride my Long Haul Trucker with 1.5"s on it. The lowest gear is like a 2:3. I rode it on some pretty steep and rocky stuff in Newfoundland, but that's was only 35 or so miles of dirt.

Mark said...

This is my year to race and I would be interested in both. Of course, I have to see what I will what I will have for the D2R2 in the stable by then.

Is Riverside park the place with the NEMBA trail? If that is the case, I think I could get you some NEMBA backing/support. Afterall, I am the VP of the CT Chapter.

Brendan said...

Mark- That's the park. I just happen to be partial to Keney.

Musegal said...

I'm competing in a triathlon! I'm partaking in the Nation's Triathlon September 13th in Washington D.C.

Anyone looking to join me (or at least train with me!) let me know.

Brendan said...

I only compete in biathalons.

Nothing like a pair of skis and a gun.

G said...

The first year at D2R2 I rode a hybrid bike w/ 700x38 tires and 28/32 low gear. The last 2 years I rode modified rigid Mtn bikes with mtn gearing like 22/34 and 26x1.5 slicks. The 26" wheels gave it even lower gear inches. I dont think I even used my small ring. Next year I want to ride my 'cross bike but hafta mess w/ the gearing. I would say your Surly would be fine. The 100 miler has some notoriously steep hills so have a low gear inch around 20-23 or less.

Baron's Life said...

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Thanks for sharing

Brendan said...

G- I've got the 54cm LHT, so it's got the 26"s.

I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to find the climbs in CT to get ready for it. I guess I can ride up rt 63 in Goshen ten times to get ready for it.

Jay said...

Mark-- It would be great if NEMBA could get involved in the cross race (and other CCBA events). I know its short notice (and you're downstate) but we're having our first organizational discussions on the cross race on Jan. 14th in Hartford at Lena's Pizza. On a related note, maybe you could float the idea to NEMBA and then CCBA and NEMBA could approach Riverfront Recapture together later on this winter once the details are more finalized?

Ryan S. said...

Musegal...I'm trying to get together with some riders in Hartford...I only know a few at UHa.
If you want to train this spring, I'll be happy to join/have someone to ride email is