Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice floes

Ice floes are awesome. They really elicit that feeling of it being the end of your life and you're being cast out to sea (even if that's some kind of racist myth). Since it's been really, really cold, the Connecticut River is full of them right now. Salem and I regarded them with awe on a recent jaunt down along the river.

We also contended with the excitement of pushing our bikes along the ice! Not river ice, but close to it-- not the kind of thing that your mother would encourage you to do.

I wasn't tough enough to go on the beard icicle ride the next day.


Cully_J said...

Are there ever any days in the Summer when you miss the cold, snow, and ice?

I sometimes do when in July, when it's very hot and muggy. However, I'm always thankful for warm weather.


Brendan said...

Maybe like one day.

Don't you usually feel like you're getting enough of winter in the winter?

Salem said...

Brendan, I keep recalling Peter Waite paintings in some of your photos, like this shot under the bridge and the Park River from a week or so back. Your camera has just the right grain. Bravo!

Brendan said...

Are you saying that Peter Waite can be replaced by a Sony W780i? Poor guy!