Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CCBA, Ice Fishin By Bike, Etc.

Just an FYI to the beat reading world and then some bike stuff. I resigned from the board of the CCBA today, but will continue to be a member, do Ice Bike to Work, pitch ideas when they pop up, etc.

Nothing at all to do with CCBA or its workings, I just don't have the time to dedicate to the group to feel like I am doing a really good job and giving it all I have. Too many other things pulling at my attention right now and it is time to step away from Board activity for a while.

Anyway, I have been messing with my fleet and have myself down to three full bikes now (and of course a bunch of parts and a couple half bikes....). It has actually been a pretty fun process thinning the heard and I am happy with the two I have.

In the process I have rigged one out for ice fishing and will ride test the rig this weekend and actually fish off it next weekend one day so long as the weather holds. I will put up some pics of the inaugural voyage for sure!

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