Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cool stuff surrounds my place of work.

This blog is not really an arbiter of cool stuff, because, well, we're not that cool. All the fixed gear bikes or cyclocross (or whatever else is cool in cycling) in the world won't help. However, I like to think that I know cool stuff when I see it. As a public service to those of you in and around downtown Hartford, I'm writing to inform you of two cool things within walking distance of each other tomorrow night.

1) 6pm-8pm Dawn Holder and her cool sculptures at the main branch of the library (500 Main Street) Dawn's art is awesome. And, to make it bike related, she rides a bike pretty well.

2) 8pm Andrew WK (along with Ninjasonik & The Rizzla) at the Wadsworth (600 Main Street).

Remember, don't stop living in the red.

Oh yeah, this is all free!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning Dawn Holder.

She's totally new to me, so I checked out her website.

I really like this piece: