Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Eel 2

Cool picture of a double rainbow, huh?

I said at some point that I was going to do a sequeel to the eel. However, we've been getting a lot of snow and the wooded environs are all unrideable. Judging by the weather so far this winter, they won't be clearing up any time soon.

So, I propose a new race for either Feb 21 or 28. It'll be a point to point road race, similar to the eel, but not a loop. You'll choose you're own route to some extent, but it'll be more structured than an alley cat.

What do you all think of this? Good idea? Bad idea? Anybody wanna race? What should it be called?

Ideas for names so far:
the hart
the crow
the squirrel
the least shrew
the Puritan Tiger Beetle (or just the beetle)
the northern harrier
the lynx


El Presidente de China said...

I'm all over it. How about "Lionhart," since any Jean Claude Van Damme reference is a good thing?

Brendan said...

Well, that doesn't really jive with my "animals of the region" theme, but The Least Shrew: Lionhart sounds pretty awesome.

interstatement said...

I'm in it to defend my "slowest to actually finish" title. Namewise, I will add to Hartford's local fauna inspired monikers:

The feral cat
The racoon-tour
The ill-tempered pit-chihuahua mix

If it was "The Crow" a peloton would be a "murder of crows" which would be magnificently badass. On the other hand, people might get all Brandon Lee gothy about it, which would be mildly annoying.

Brendan said...

we are certainly not goth.

Scorchers New Haven said...

Just a couple of thoughts...

Thought #1.
Feb. 21 does not work for me, and I'm guessing that is very important to you.

Thought #2.
Probably the most bad-a$$ of animals in CT is the fisher-cat. Bonus: Has the word, "cat" in it. You've stated the Eel2 would be somewhat alleycat-ish.

Brendan said...

Feb 21 is also probably too close, considering we don't even have a name.

fisher cats look cool, but I don't know about their name.

Scorchers New Haven said...

Yeah, on second thought, "Fisher Cat" isn't as macho as their namesake.
So it turns out that MonsterTrack in NYC is the 28th. Not that it matters, but all the uber-cool fixie riders will be in NY for that.
Let us know when you set a date, and we'll give you some support.