Monday, January 26, 2009

State of the snow

This is not recent snow.

I'm a huge fan of Jill Homer's Up in Alaska blog. I think she's a terrific writer and an inspiring and talented athlete. She also reminds me that the winter in Connecticut is lame and manageable. So, when I think about driving to work, I remember that unless I carrying a large load or am injured, I've got it easy and should ride.

She spends much of her time riding around on the snow, because that's how it is in Alaska, so I also feel that I must continue mountain biking even when the ground is covered. I must admit that I'm totally baffled as to how she rides in deep snow. I went up to the reservoir yesterday and had a hell of time getting around. My singlespeed has 2.3"s and I was doing a lot of walking. This snow has had lots of time to compress and harden, but it's still pretty impassable. I suppose the Pugsley that Ms. Homer rides probably has those 3.7" Endomorphs. However, you'd think that lame Connecticut snow would be rideable with tires that are two thirds the size of Alaska-worthy tires.

So, anyway, that's the best I could do for a post today... How about the decriminalization of marijuana?


Joel said...

Brendan, in some ways the consistent snowpack is easier. A snowmobile and XC skis become very useful instead of just toys. Plus, There's ice skating and stuff. I think there's nothing worse than 33 degrees and raining, and you've gotta be hard to bike commute in that.

I am strongly in favor of pot decriminalization. It's one of few things where I think the debate is very lopsided.

Brendan said...

according to the non-scientific courant poll, 85% of those surveyed think that it should be decriminalized.

chillwill said...

move to cali!

(i suppose for the pot or the snow, whateva, its allll goood!)