Monday, December 29, 2008

Bikes = Art

We all think bikes are pretty - that's why we're bike nerds. But now we can emerge from the shame and shadows of bike fetishization and bask in the glorious light of mainstream acceptance. How do I know? Because I finally went to the Museum of Modern Art in New York (I hadn't been since before the renovation, since back when I lived in Brooklyn a thousand years ago), and there, among leather couches shaped like decapitated cows and chaise longues made of cardboard, was Puma's folding bike. (There's my snap of the bike above, folded up and locked at MOMA. Incidentally, the bike rack it's locked to is also an item on exhibit.) You know what this proves? That when you see me riding around on my Xootr and think, "Ha ha, look at that herb on his funny clown bicycle!" you are being a philistine, and should be saying, "Dag. That guy is so modern."

Also, unrelatedly, but while I am on the topic (sort of) of pictures I have taken, I just got around to stitching together a pair of panoramas I took on a couple of Bridgeport-New Haven rides. I think they came out kinda nice, so you should look at them. Here are links:

An abandoned theater in West Haven.

Long Island Sound, seen from Milford, I think, or maybe West Haven.


Mark said...

The LI Sound has a sort of anatomical resemblance.

Brendan said...

Dag. You so modern.

I so antiquated.