Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Which I Continue to Hammer Away at a Point: Courant Editorial on Transit Spending

The Courant says Congress should spend more on alternatives to automobile transportation, like sea turtles (above).

This morning I rose at an ungodly hour (or, more precisely, I was rousted from bed by a two- and a four-year-old, both of whom are terrorists) and went to the grocery store as soon as it opened (7:00 a.m.). And you know what? It was really really cold out (13 degrees, according to the car's thermometer), and I did not feel bad that I was not riding my bicycle to the store. In fact, it's almost cold enough (almost!) that I would pass up the chance for a bike ride generally (the need to carry groceries and children necessitated the car this time around). Why do I tell you this, dear reader? Because I've been riding a little less lately, and that may explain why all my posts focus on news about mass transit.

Anyway, the Courant has a good editorial today, in which it points out that the coming recovery package should spend more on mass transit and not so much on building new roads. It urges the Connecticut congressional delegation to press for money to complete the New Haven-Springfield commuter line and the Hard Hittin' New Britain Busway (no mention of the BeatWater Commuterama train, but whatevs). My only hope is that the stern remonstrance of a foundering newspaper in an impoverished city will be enough to force the hand of Congress.

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chillwill said...

yeah turtles!!!!

slow, but small carbon footprint.