Sunday, November 9, 2008


The Eel is done.

The weather was nasty and I'm guessing that scared off a number of competitors, despite that I thought we had a pretty good contingent. We also know who's hardcore in CT.

Big ups to Johanna, Xootr, the Elm City Scorchers, Matt from Ghostship, the Riverfront Recapture ranger, and everyone who showed up. (Sorry for the use of "big ups", I couldn't think of an appropriate substitute.)

I don't have a camera anymore, so I have no way of showing you what it actually looked like.


  1. Salem 1:16
  2. Russ 1:18 (with loaded front panniers!)
  3. Matt 1:21 (first place out of town, too)
  4. Doug 1:21 (he got the cool Xootr rack)
  5. Josh 1:38 (on a folding bike)
  6. Chauncy 1:38 (fixed)
  7. Joel 1:38
  8. Chris 1:44
  9. Eric -
  10. Rafael -
  11. Drew -
As far as I could tell, people liked the course. I hope to do another one with sunny weather. Also, I may go with an earlier start time. Who knew it got dark at 4:45 these days?


David said...

I wish the Eel had not been held on the same day as the "Spotlight on Anarchism" all day gathering at the Charter Oak Cultural Center! I think many two-wheelers faced a difficult choice this weekend. Wish I could have been at the race!
-Dave Cordes

Brendan said...

and we all thought it was the rain

Musegal said...

For me it was a conflict with the Anarchism workshop and open studio at Artspace.....ok, and the rain. And I was looking forward to coming in last!

Jay said...

I just heard about the Eel last night as the CCBA meeting. Sounds tight. When's the Eel #2?

Brendan said...

haven't decided yet

there's a lot of 'cross races the next couple of weekends and then it's christmas all of a sudden.

maybe january, unless there's strong interest before hand