Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Bike-Related, but Oh-So-Awesome

This blog, as all six of our readers know, is about the bicycles, and also about Hartford and environs. But one of the main reasons we ride bikes, aside from to get from one place to another, is to have fun. Why do we have fun? To distract us from the more weighty problems of our lives and of the world. Personally, I have never needed such distraction more than I need it now, because I am feeling very nervous about this election. (I am concerned that Ralph Nader's encouraging poll results in Winsted will not translate into national success.) Sadly, I can't just go off on a day-long bike-capade because I am at work and when I finish work I have children to feed and bathe and such, so I must turn to other sources of distraction. Moments ago, I found the best source fo distraction ever, and not surprisingly, it was on the INTERNETS! It is a treatment for a screenplay, called, "The Lost Medallion of Palenque," and it is the most coolest thing ever, like The Mummy meets Apocalypto meets Independence Day, but possibly more awesome. You should read it right away.

When you read the story, you will probably think, "This is absurd and full of bad punctuation. Can this guy be serious? And what makes El Prez think this is a movie treatment rather than just a poorly written eighth-grade English assignment posted to a poorly designed website?" The answer is, YES HE IS SERIOUS, and I KNOW SO BECAUSE OF THIS CRAIGSLIST AD.

You're welcome.