Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you all who attended the Bike Everywhere meeting last night at Lenas. Lots of good discussion and ideas for next year. Just to give you a taste on this cruddy, dark wet night as I get ready to blast out into the rainy wet and endure the "wow, you ride in this" questions, here are the events we came up with for next year. Your input is always appreciated and your help as well. If you have another idea or want to take ownership of one of these let me know!!!

a. Hooker Brewery Tour
b. Monster Bike Pull/Cargo Challenge Picnic Event
c. Disc Golf to Wickham Park
d. Bike Polo (more than once hopefully!)
e. Geo Caching/Scavenger Hunt (Racks, Bike Lanes, Etc.)
f. Celebrate West Hartford Valet Parking
g. Snow Bike/Commuter Demonstration
h. Ice Bike to Work (if sponsor can be located)
i. Warm Weather Bike to Work (all, need point person)
j. Corporate Cup/Workplace Challenge
k. Other events??? Support for Keney Cross Race?


Brendan said...

I support the 'cross race!

matthew said...

Thank u r information