Monday, November 24, 2008

Eel legitimizes mountain biking at Riverside Park

Picture stolen from crankfire: Photo credit to Jay!

Those of you who rode The Eel remember the part of the course that went through Riverside Park with my mediocre arrows. It appears that it's now a legitimate trail system (as of like this weekend). Looking at the detail of the map shows the "Challenge Trail". I have no idea what that is. It's really not that challenging back there. Is there some secret freeride park that I've never noticed? They also leave out the extent of how far these trails actually go. But, whatever, there's now sanctioned mountain biking in Hartford proper. I just got an email from the Director of Human Resources telling me that I have Friday off, maybe I'll go explore.

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Jay said...

If I knew my photo was going to get posted all over of the web I would made sure it was straight! I've ridden the trails a few times (since the sign went up). The trails are really flat and not at all technical. That said, its spitting distance from downtown and is apparently key habitat wildlife habitat as well--- I saw a bald eagle and a tree chewed up by a beaver on my last ride there.