Tuesday, September 6, 2016

BiCi Co. is Going Strong and Now Has the BiCi Blog

Tony C is riding his bike from Hartford, CT to Minneapolis, MN under the guise of a fundraiser for BiCi Co.  Really he just likes riding his bike and taking a break from the grind - but humor him (me).  Here are the photos to prove it.

BiCi Co. is doing all sorts of amazing stuff, and has only been around a year.  Just wait until we really find some grant funding.  In the meantime (and even once we do get some grants) BiCi Co. will need support from volunteers and donors to fill in the gaps and get new programs off the ground.  Don't know if you've ever worked in nonprofits, but it seems that there is a lag time between great program ideas and opportunities, and the funding to execute them.  That is where individuals donors and members make the difference and provide a little bit of flexibility to do the right things for the community at the right time.

1) You should follow the new BiCi Blog.  Tony C will be writing while bike touring and posting there.

2) You should become a BiCi Co. member (or renew) right now.  We've even got options for five year and lifetime membership!  Don't want to become a member?  You can gift a membership to someone or just make a straight up donation.  We'll put it to good use immediately with bike programs in Hartford.  Share this with friends and cycling aficionados.  Even those outside Hartford will get a lot out of a shop full of hard to find classic bike parts - AKA treasure.

3) One thing that BiCi Co. has coming up is a Traffic Skills 101 course.  This comprehensive course on October 16th will school you on vehicular cycling with on-bike application and could save your life.  Skip the school of hard knocks and go to the head of the pack.  Register here - and don't wait.  The class sells out.

4) BiCi Co. is also planning social rides from Hartford and West Hartford to Night Fall - where there will be valet bike parking.  Night Fall is in its 5th year, and has had bike valet every year.  They added the group bike rides to encourage attendees to try something other than a car for getting to the performance.  More info here.

5) Don't Miss the September Slow Roll! - Our friends at Breakfast Lunch & Dinner have a Hartford Slow Roll Planned for September 18th.  The roll leaves at 3pm from 1429 Park Street.  More info here.  Slow Roll has its own Facebook group now that you can follow so you don't miss the rides.

Hartford's First Bike Corral (temporary at BiCi Co) for our 1st Anniversary Happy Hour
Celebrating Year One at BiCi Co.!


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