Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Eel eel eel eel!

Remember The Eel? I've thrown like sixty or five of them, but now I'm bringing back. Bringing it back to the level putting it on BIKEREG! https://www.bikereg.com/eel-x/

~70 miles on Oct 13 at 9am. Meet on Tunxis Road in Tariffville. Plenty of parking on the street if drive here. Up to Mass and then back to here. And, of course, it's free!

These are pictures from the actual route. Can you believe it???

This ride has a river-centric air to it, too-- headwaters of the Farmington, another river containing eels https://lowerfarmingtonriver.org/learn-about-the-river/biodiversity/.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

We did that thing!

So yeah, a few of us went for a ride this past Saturday.  It was pretty long, over ten hours to finish the entire kit and caboodle, which is just fine with me.  After trying to hang onto Seth slipstream for a record time in 2018, I needed a recovery year.  This year, Seth went easy on us, keeping his monster pulls along the Airline trail in the low 20mph range.  Thanks Seth, it's always a pleasure to witness smooth, steady power, especially when it is just slow enough that one can keep witnessing it.

Our new favorite watering hole on the first pass through Willimantic, THANKS!
So yeah (to heck with good paragraph transitions), we had another beautiful day of almost fall temps, toping out with a gang of seven riders.  Admittedly, I've been doing less then the bare minimum of advertising the last couple years since I'm no long quite local, and running a little busy to recon the route before the event, so lucky seven it was.  The small group stayed mostly together, which was fantastic, especially when we found the Mohegan Forest beyond passably overgrown with briars, and I had to devise a quick reroute with only one trip down a dead end!  A little more exploring and I should have a Detour worth detour of the forest for next year.

Free ride, with free veggies!  THANK YOU.
So yeah (what, you're still actually reading this?), I still really like this ride and have a blast sharing it with new and old friends every year.  We'll do it again the first Saturday in September of 2020, and maybe we'll see you there.  Ride fun.

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Yet another Detour de CT

While we thought maybe it was the tenth annual Detour de CT, it may in fact only be the 9th. According to the historic documents, the first one was fall of 2010 (when no one died). That first was one was invitational and all since then have been public affairs.

Nevertheless, Saturday was another running of the Detour. I don't think I had ridden a hundred miles in a clip since the Detour in 2017, so I was a little nervous about survival. I had ridden down to Milford the other day and averaged 18 something MPH, which is pretty quick for a slow piece of shit like me.

Since Salem has stopped really publicizing his ride except on his blog and no one reads blogs, the number of riders has shrunk to 7. There's no a and b group anymore, and the canvas bag contingent doesn't come.

Anyway, we did not ride the whole thing, since Mohegan State Forest is now impassable. First year the entire ride was left unfinished. We did, however, ride almost the whole thing and even stop for lunch. Everyone is getting soft.

The day before, I crashed and totally abraded my hand. Riding on the hoods hurt, but it was other ok.
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Friday, September 6, 2019

Bad tubes

As much as I try to avoid buying bike parts off of Amazon, from time to time I do. There had been a bunch of deals of tubes like 8 for $25 or something like that. That's a good deal. So I bought some road tubes. They keep failing next to the valve stem. Very frustrating. So anyway, that's my PSA.

Tomorrow is the De Tour. Hope my tubes don't fail somewhere in Mohegan State Forest.

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