Tuesday, August 9, 2016

party at shad row, preceded by a connecticut river dirt road time trial 8/19 6:00 PM

Come ride four of the best dirt road miles in Connecticut. We'll do a simple staggered start. Stick around for a beer (BYOB) / food at the Shad Shack at the Rocky Hill Ferry, where the ride ends. Any bike will do, wider tires will be better (32s and up). They've recently been smoothing out some of the bumpy bits next to the river.

Come hang out and watch and party even if you don't want to ride. We need a volunteer or two or three if you're interested in helping out, as well! let us know at wrongwayslaughter@gmail.com

course: https://www.strava.com/routes/5987227

Friday, August 19 6:00 PM
Start: 73 Great Meadow Road, Wethersfield, CT

Women particularly encouraged to ride. 

It's an easy bike ride from most places, but if you're driving, park at the Rocky Hill Ferry parking lot where the ride finishes and ride to the start. 

Lo-fi, 'pick-up' gravel time trial. Just show up. Ride like hell or ride slow. It's cool. We'll be there. It'll be fun. You will be safe and smart so we still get to have nice things.

​$5 sugg'd donation to cover beer and an upgrade to this site so it doesn't say weebly and maybe we'll even get an RSS feed. Prizes for a range of categories. 

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