Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Race Eel

The Eel has not been competitive in awhile. That's ok and all, but I think it should return to its speedy roots. The first was no doubt the most prolific.

Ideas I've had are to steal Salem's idea of a point to point race (head to head? head x 4?) along the Hockanum in East Hartford (can't do that in Manchester, competitive racing events are prohibited from the boardwalks of the Hockanum without approval from the Hockanum River Linear Park Committee. § 304-7 Manchester Code of Ordinances). Or, closer to my house, do a secret cyclocross race along South Branch of the Park River. It'd have two river crossings! That's as many as this famous race.

What do you think? Which is more attractive? Tell me!

The plan is to do this maybe early April. De Tour training.


Tony C said...

I vote Hockanum.

Tony C said...
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Salem said...

I, of course, vote Hocka-nocka-num. Good video, but it misses the visceral sections of cornering through the railings!

Brendan said...

I forgot to charge the battery, so that was all the video we got.

I could do a follow up teaser with two people riding. What are you doing Saturday?

Tony C said...

On Saturday I'm riding to Northampton. Which unfortunately does not include the Hockanum.