Saturday, March 30, 2013


Is Janette Sadik-Kahn unaware of the Classics? I woke up this morning and learned that the NYC DOT thought that cobblestones were dangerous and the few remaining in DUMBO & Vinegar Hill need to be removed. They'd be replaced with new ones that apparently are of even height and bicycle friendly. I can understand blaming bikes for a lot of things, but cobblestone removal makes no sense. Cyclists love cobblestones. Specialized named a bike after one half of the name of  a famous bike race involving cobblestones. People pay money to go on tours of these cobblestones. Gravel grinders have been the coolest type of thing for which people buy too much gear, write about on bike fora and never ride (kidding!).

I've only ridden in New York like one or twice. I don't really know much about it. I mean, I don't really know much about New York in general. However, I have actually ridden on those cobblestones. They're not dangerous, but aesthetically valuable.

Or, perhaps this is part of a sinister plan to pit the preservationists against the cyclists.

I mean, isn't the problem plaguing cyclists of New York people driving in bike lanes, running over people who rides bikes and then the police failing to prosecute the bad drivers?

The pictured cobblestones above are actually in Savannah, GA. They love their cobblestones and have no plan to get rid of them.


Tony C said...

Lots of cobblestone streets in Chambana. I have a lot of opinions on this from direct experience. Generally agree with Brendan.

Unknown said...

The cobblestone streets in Portland, ME were a blast. It makes me feel like a little kid when I ride over them.


Brendan said...

Although, one thing noted in the article was ADA compliance. That's a valid point.