Sunday, March 17, 2013

On the Move

Ken K is headed for some new digs.  I helped him move a couple of loads yesterday and dropped off a housewarming curb picked trailer.  Ken has a trailer, The (Infamous) Coffin, but I think he'll benefit from a smaller, lighter version for more frequent use.  After a couple of hours painting we kissed the river - a short ride that makes it down to one of the river side parks in Hartford.

It's not just Ken who's on the move these days.  Hartford is moving on up in my opinion.  You can't chuck a 40oz without hitting an awesome event, many of them FREE.  Right now I'm sitting in the Hartford Public Library listening to free jazz.  What an amazing series and use of the library space.  In my opinion it's this sort of unconventional event that is really exciting about Hartford right now.  These events fill in the edges and week nights, pulling folks downtown.  I'll bet post jazz, the nearby restaurants bustle with some welcome Sunday dinner business.  The suburban empty nesters may even wonder why not look at a downtown condo, so next winter they can simply walk to all the events and restaurants that they frequent downtown.

Wouldn't it be awesome if UCONN's branch campus that's coming to Hartford takes up residence at the historic Hartford Times building?  That would be a shot in the arm and logical continuance of the Front Street developments.

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