Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Can't mountain bike with glasses on

On Saturday, I went mountain biking briefly over at Cedar Mountain. The trails there aren't that difficult, but I kept crashing. It was mess. I'm very bad at mountain biking, but I'm not this bad. The difference between this time & all other times was that I was wearing my new glasses. Apparently, the change in focus screws up my depth perception, my balance and timing just enough to crash a lot. I rode the next day with no problems and no glasses. I Googled this problem and nothing came up.

It'd be nice to wear glasses while mountain biking, so that I can see the beautiful vistas of Connecticut, but I'd probably just fall off of them.


Tony C said...

Glasses suck, and you just made a big change. Can understand the depth perception issues.

You also have a steep cutoff between what you see in front of you and peripheral.

Tony C said...
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Interstatement said...

I've been riding on and off road, day and night for decades wearing glasses without problems. It sounds to me like your glasses are lousy. Did you get them from one of the big "same day" chains? It makes a difference: Lensecrafters etc. are like the Magna of eyewear. I bought my glasses downtown-- not cheap, but you get what you pay for. I also got some lightweight prescription motorcycle goggles from a company called sportrx which are nice for hurtling through the woods on a bike or snowboard or riding anywhere when it's really snowy and/or very cold out.

Brendan said...

Maybe it's the fact that you've been doing it for decades and I've been trying to do it for 2 weeks. 20-100 isn't very good. I believe it means that I can only read the E without squinting.