Friday, January 6, 2012


I like the Hockanum River. Its watershed has a website and I just realized that it also hosts a canoe and kayak race in April. I don't know much about canoe and kayak racing, but it sounds like a lot of fun and I have access to a canoe. Anybody want to race with me?


Dave said...

I read your blog for its cycling content... but needed to weigh in here, I've done the Hock River race for the last 10 years or so just about every year and love it. I'm actually in one of those pictures in the gallery from the link you posted! It's fun and easy, and you don't have to be an expert in white water, there's only one spot where there are tough rapids really although the ability to maneuver well is critical to doing well. The pictures were taken in that spot, it's directly behind Beacon Light in Vernon on Oakland St. You can race either with 1 person or 2, although if you have a canoe you should find a buddy :)

Hope to see you there, and once you get the hang of it, you can expand to the whole series of races!

Brendan said...

should I use a better canoe than the coleman ram-x that I have access to?

dario said...

Yeah, like, we could be Team Intergenerational.

Tony C said...

Race it like you stole it Brendan. The best way to race is on shitty equipment. That way you don't get stressed out when lots of people go faster.

I'm interested in canoeing the Hockanum in a non-racing, expedition speed approach. How does that sound? We can stop in Martin Park for wine and cheese.

Brendan said...

I wouldn't say shitty equipment is the best thing to race on. If your equipment breaks, it sorts ruins the race for you.

The only problem with this canoe is that I'm not sure how to transport it from Avon to Hartford. The Tariffville Gorge is pretty scary.

Can we still be the Snails in a boat?

Tony C said...

Riding crappy bikes (or slow canoes) keeps me from being too competitive. Reminder that I'm not that fast anyway, so I shouldn't worry about the racing bit.