Monday, January 30, 2012

Eeeee L

Ok ok. I think the world is passable enough so that we can do that thing we were going to do a long time ago. This time, the ride will almost all be in Hartford and if you've ridden with me, you've probably ridden some of it. However, I don't think you've ever ridden all of it in one fell swoop. And some, I'm pretty sure you haven't ridden. So, Feb 11 meet me at 10am at Hyland Park (or my house) for the fifth or so riding of the Eel. Email me if you have any questions. More details to follow. Ride a bike for mixed media.


Tony C said...

Shit. I'll be out of town the 11th. Going up to Boston. If the date slips, let me know.

Gonna help me move on Sat?

Brendan said...

You know, I went to Vermont hoping that I'd come home and you'd be a Hartford dweller. But, no!

So, I guess I've gotta help you move, huh?

dario said...

Eel 3 (or 4, depending how you counting), Baby!

I can't wait!

(Two eelxclamation points!)