Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Exciting glove shootout!

Good. Bad. Unknown.

Gloves are important. Some people say mittens are important, but I think mittens are for five year olds. It was a big deal in my life when I started wearing gloves instead of mittens, because it meant that I was growing up. Since I don't want to revert to being five again, I continue to wear gloves. Twice I have bought these gloves from EMS. They're great, but after a year the palms get blown out. I have just noticed that they're on sale and feel kind of stupid for not buying another pair. Oh well, sucks for me.

Since REI is easier to get to, I've been trying to buy gloves there. First, I bought these North Face gloves and they were terrible. The label said something about stopping the wind, but they didn't at all. I have now decided to try these. The reviews seem to indicate that I should not reach into rivers and streams with them without expecting my hands to get wet. I can accept that. If they're terrible, I guess I'll return them and buy the old reliables. I wore them home from the store and my hands were happy.

That's my story about gloves. Do you have any glove recommendations? I prefer to spend less than $40 unless they last for ten years. This post leads me to the conclusion that the beat bike blog no longer gets stuff to review because our reviews suck.


Schleppi Longstocking said...

I recommend the $10 glittens I bought off a dude between 5th and Madison.

Karma said...

I've ridden with these for the past 4 years and they are perfect provided its above about 30 degrees or lower if you can fit a liner under them... http://www.ems.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3651751&cp=3707807.11308435.3693385. Very durable and good grip. When it drops below that its hard to beat the lobsters... http://www.pearlizumi.com/publish/content/pi_2010/us/en/index/products/men/ride/accessories/0.-productCode-14341104.html

Brendan said...

those are good against the wind?

endoking said...

Two types of gloves I bought this winter. The first:


... is good until 20 deg F or thereabouts, colder with a liner of some sort. Windproof, in my experience. Typically, I'll buy several pairs, as I will give, or lose some over the course of a season.

The second, also available as gloves:


Useful in wet weather conditions, and bitter cold. I also have ragg wool mitts with O/R shells, that I use.

I do a lot of buying for my cycling needs from:


. . . since I find it eminently suitable for my commuting needs, without being Colorado Cyclist specific, or expensive.

Brendan said...

there seems to be something wrong with those links.

Mark Stosberg said...

I think I've tried both the EMS and Seirus gloves you mention. In that category, I prefer the Oregon Research Gripper gloves also available at REI, for $49:


They are a bit warmer and more durable than the others. I think the difference more than makes up for the higher price.

That is unless you are like me and lose the left hand glove twice in a row.

Tony C said...

Mittens. Hands down. Mine have a vent on the side, a removable fleece liner, and have lasted several years. Hand me down ski mittens from a friend who was getting a new pair of mittens. Mittens!

Tony C said...
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Tony C said...
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Brendan said...

We've been over the problem of mittens, remember? Middle finger obscured, etc.

Mark Stosberg said...

Gloves for warmer weather, Mittens for the coldest weather.

worapoj said...

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