Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hartford's downtown is not that big. I think it's like two square miles or something tiny. I worked in it for awhile and would ride my bike there everyday. Now that I go to school in the West End, I don't get down there as much. But, I had some business at City Hall yesterday, so I rode down. After I was done, I rode on to Constitution Plaza, down along the river in East Hartford, back over in Hartford, again to Constitution Plaza, to Spiritus and home. I worked downtown for a long time and never though much of it, but Dario has always told me that he likes to ride there. In my absence from the built environment, I think understand what he means. It's actually kinda pretty at night. The darkness doesn't really make it easy to take a picture when pedaling, though.


Tony C said...

Agreed. I often add in the loop by the river, and loiter at one of the benches or piers (either side). When the weather is nice or the view beckons, it punctuates my commutes with some pleasant meditation.

Tony C said...
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dario said...

Glasshoppers, let us learn to cultivate and to revel in the urban wilderness ... at expedition speed, that is.