Friday, January 13, 2012

The Much Anticipated Bike Move

**** Bike Move rescheduled for Saturday, Feb 4th.  My closing got delayed. ****

Time to show what you're made of Hartford.  I've decided that the market is down enough, and rents conversely high enough, to double down on a condo in the illustrious South Green neighborhood.
Since the ex cleaned me out in the divorce, and I'm short on heavy furniture (cept for one challenging sleeper sofa), I gamely propose a 'Bike Move'.  The bike culture starved Connecticutian may need an explanation of the concept.  Basically, I'm going to attempt to move all my worldly belongings approximately 5 miles from East Hartford to downtown Hartford.  To do this I need help.  Lots of it.   Why, you ask?  Don't ask why, just come out and help me with something ridiculous.

Move date set for Saturday, February 4th.  We'll start bright and early at 8am for those that want breakfast and coffee.  Time to BS and survey the task at hand, then a bit of packing and securing, followed by en mass departure at around 9am.  Depending on numbers and how much we drop, might come back for a second trip.  Stick around, and I'll order a bunch of pizzas.

Bring your trailers and biggest panniers.  For those lacking cargo capabilty, I'll have some bags of clothes that could fit in a backpack.  We'll also benefit from spotters and corkers. 
More info will be forthcoming.  Wish me luck with closing and getting the utilities turned on.  Let me know if you're in so I can get an approximate count for breakfast.


Tony C said...

We did this in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Can we top it? My favorite is Gary's trailer, behind a trailer, attached to an extra-cycle.

adventure! said...

Portland, Oregon sends its love. I've had one bike move and it's loads of fun. Good call on breakfast before and pizza after, it's a great way to keep everyone happy.

Brendan said...

I'll bring the UHaul for the part of the move that doesn't get photographed.

Schleppi "only the small stuff" Longstocking said...

1. I help nobody move. If I could have not involved myself in my own move, I would have. I am, however, willing to drop off a pizza or something later on.
2. Maybe...I'm not sure I'm allowed back in that neighborhood. It's a long story involving hooker boots.

Tony C said...

@Brendan - Entirely possible that a U-haul or truck may not be necessary. Seriously, she got all the furniture. But not promising.

@Schleppi - You made a bit of a mess in South Green? I'm going to have to research your past blogs.

Don't consider it a move, more of a bike parade. You can be the reporter of online record. Play by play, from caffeine high to couch crashing into the CT River.

Tony C said...

My closing may be delayed... so bike move may reschedule to the next weekend. Stay tuned.

Jane said...

Love this! Good luck to you, I'm sorry I don't have any panniers to offer!