Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's January? Riding in a t-shirt.

Global warming has its upside in Connecticut.  Was riding in a t-shirt today and got a full winter dose of vitamin D.  Meandered over to the Heublein Tower in Simsbury, via the Hockanum River path.  I picked up the path just off of Roberts Street by Rogo Distributors.  This is further east than I usually pick up the trail, and this portion of the trail is a bit newer and more technical than the rest of the Hockanum segments.  Since I was at full expedition pace, I noticed several great views that I'd missed on faster trips.  Someone did a pretty good job clearing the trail of fallen trees - thanks - and it looked like the trail was getting quite a bit of bike use.

Met up with friends and Heublein Tower and enjoyed the gusty views from the ridge.  First time I'd noticed the glass in the door.  I think Valerie rubbed off a bit and now I notice unique glass and windows more often.

While meandering back through Hartford I took Park Street, which is one of my recent favorites due to the hustle and bustle.  Hooked a right on Pope Park Highway since I'd never been down that way before.  The street runs past the ice house and Lyman kitchen store that are visible from I-84.  There is also an interesting looking nightclub - Divi Divi's - which the internet tells me is a gay dance club.  Will have to check it out, as I've found that gay clubs tend to have enthusiastic dancers, so I don't stick out like I usually do.  Across the street was a new little park with some unique sculptures, windy metal garden, a great spot to take in the sunset.  

Just a block from my place in East Hartford someone had put out a couple boxes of freecycle home goods.  Being the scrounger that I am, I circled back with trailer in tow and scored some excellent items to outfit my soon to be Hartford condo.  Check out the two Polish plates.  Score!


Brendan said...

I see no proof of tshirt in your pictures.

Tony C said...

Didn't want to frighten any of our faint hearted readers with my massive guns.

Brendan said...

OH yeah, now that you're moving downtown, when you get a Polish plate, it needs to be this Polish plate:

Tony C said...

The Polish National Home has funny hours. Good, inexpensive comfort food, but nothing spectacular. I'll probably do most of my own Polish cooking at home... as I'm actually 50% Polish despite the Greek last name.