Monday, September 19, 2011

Old guy

Every year I have a birthday and yesterday was it. So, Tony, Dario and I rode out into the wilds of Burlington, canton and new hartford. It afforded me the opportunity to prove that there are cool dirt roads in that direction, too. We also rode on some trails of my youth and passed my high school (the non-artsy one. I live less than a mile from the artsy one.). It made me feel nostalgic and inert. Is it a depressing thing that I can cover all the environs of my youth on a six hour bike ride?


dario said...

They say that Kafka never went far from the square he lived near in Prague, and that Kant never travelled far from his home either. You always think that you know your environs better than you do. So, there is still much to be explored!

Plus, you don't look a day over thirty.

Brendan said...

But those guys are total downers!