Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another green world

As I'm no longer a worker and now a student, I was worried that all these books would prevent me from riding my bike. In the first two weeks, it would seem that rain has been the biggest preventer. Although, the big books make it difficult to go for a very fun ride directly from school, so rides leave from home. I'm told there's a locker lottery, which I would be very glad to participate in. Also, the wonderful urbancompass has allowed me to use her porch for bike parking, so my bike stays dry when it rains and I can leave my pannier attached to my bike. Having a cubicle really makes you spoiled. You don't realized it when you're a cubicle dweller.

Erstwhile beat bike blogger, Ken, survived the law school and still seems to know how to ride a bike. I hope the same applies to me.


Damian said...

Huzzah for the Brian Eno reference?

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