Sunday, September 25, 2011

Found a hill.

Nothing like Salem handing my ass back to me on a hill climb.  He did just that on our way up Soapstone Mountain yesterday.  Did I mention he was on a fendered mountain bike with tennies on?  I knew I was in trouble when he got quiet and I realized my legs were starting to kindle a fire.   Fortunately, it seemed like it was almost all descents from there on back to East Hartford.

After huffing my way to the top, I found Salem relaxing at the fire tower with several well endowed, yet arguably shallow, friends.   You may recognize Salem's friends from one of Brendan's posts earlier this year.  It seems they've changed so much in such a short time.  Kids these days.

Note - It's prime autumn olive season.  Do your part to rid the woods of this tasty invasive.  Eat all that you can.  I've found it makes a nice sauce and jelly.

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