Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New park

I was riding to and from Arbor Street the other evening on my one of my favorite streets in Hartford: Pope Park Highway nr. 4. Across the street from Club Divi Divi's, I noticed what appeared to be landscaping in what had been a dirt pile before. There were quasi-ornamental fences, some big rocks and what looked like benches. It was pretty dark, so I couldn't be sure. I returned from school today that way and lo, there was a newly minted park there.

Truth be told, I sort of new this was supposed to happen, because when I worked for the City Council I wrote a report about DPW's resolution seeking permission to apply for a grant from the DEP for redeveloping the dirt pile as a park. I think that officially this area has always been part of Pope Park, but was orphaned when I-84 was rammed through the park, so it's not truly a new park. I have no idea what's going to happen here or who will use this park. It's only reasonably accessible to people in Carlos Mouta's building and the very small neighborhood north of Hamilton. However, it adds greater mystery to an already mysterious part of town (Olive Street (the google map is wrong, Olive Street goes under 84, not to Hamilton. That street is Wellington, a very popular street for dumping your crap), for example!).

It would appear that this new park even satisfies the percent for arts ordinance.


dario said...

That is cool. I have to check it out. Maybe if folks start to use it ... Can't ever have enough open space. Thanks.

- C said...

Very cool. Always disappointed to see this trash dump across from Wholesale Appliance when going there to pick up appliances.