Thursday, September 22, 2011

Help others Discover Hartford.

So the folks that read this blog are all hearty, gritty, and occasionally jaded cyclists (mostly bike commuters) of metro Hartford, but that doesn't mean we should overlook an upcoming major Hartford bicycling event. Bike Walk Connecticut, an admirable organization, is hurriedly organizing the Discover Hartford Tour for Saturday, October 22nd. I believe it took a while to come to an agreement with the City of Hartford on sponsorship, so there has been only two months for plan and do publicity - which is a very short window.

I'm doing my little part to get the word out as a member of their Communications Committee, and I'll likely be volunteering on the day of the event. Anyone else who wants to get involved can send Georgette an email, or just show up Thursday nights (5-9PM) for open volunteer hours at the Bike Walk offices on Arbor Street. Another easy way to help is to send bike loving friends a Facebook Invite (or email note).

This event is a big deal for Bike Walk CT, both as publicity and a fundraiser. The first Discover Hartford Tour (2007) organized by the late, great Alan Williams, was a huge boost in membership for the organization and marked the start of a productive advocacy and legislative push over the next three years. Putting hundreds of bikes on the streets brings vitality and the hint of sustainable urban transportation to many neighborhoods of Hartford. The tour passing through the Hartford parks, also brings attention to the valuable, and sometimes under utilized open spaces in this great city. All around a great event. I'm hoping you can attend and please spread the good word.

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