Monday, December 6, 2010

Riding under the city

The Park River is low right now. It's so low that there's a good four feet of dry pavement on the side of the conduit. Yesterday, I rode my bike in. After riding in a few hundred yards by myself with a dim light, it occurred to me that this subterranean expedition speed thing could end in the end of me.

Therefore, I'd to go back with my brighter light and a partner. Who's interested? Who needs kayaks!?


Anonymous said...

I was down there in the summer. I felt a C.H.U.D. touch my neck.


Interstatement said...

I'll be game as soon as my new lighting is setup. I just built a new dynamo wheel and the headlight is due to arrive this week.

Brendan said...

I'm curious to see where exactly we'd have to turn around, because it' clearly not rideable all the way out to the connecticut.

Brendan said...

@Damian- CHUDs are cold blooded, right? We'll be able to out run them.

Anonymous said...

@Brendan, CHUD blood is nuclear waste. That's the surprise twist in that classic thriller! Hope I didn't spoil the ending for anyone.

Anyhow, I'm willing to risk my neck for adventure. I have a kayak, too. So if Interstatement can figure out how to attach a dynamo to it, we can definitely set out to an early, watery grave!


Tony C said...

Oh. Me! Me! Definitely want to do this. What day? Saturday or Sunday?

I've got a good LED headlight and would bring a backup too.

chillwill said...

dang media...i took Meir on that trip and didn't even get a photo credit!
here's some more pics I took from that trip:
awesome time under there, y'all will be able to ride to the junction room, where the two branches of the river meet, and it'll be easy to turn around there, but not possible to go further without floating or getting really really really wet!

Brendan said...

Does the Advocate ever credit anyone?