Monday, December 27, 2010

Bikes Outside: Swede Ride

This morning's Bike Outside is my first since November due to an extraordinarily busy stretch at my job. Thanks to Schleppi for filling in some of the missed Mondays for me.

Today's handsome example sports a classic frame from Crescent of Sweden. It appears to be a late 60's-early 70's Crescent Stainless Mark (something or other) The differences between the Mark IX, XI and XX models were in the components, so the current parts offer no clue as to its original spec. Whatever it was, it's still a really gorgeous frame, and the Brooks saddle looks just right. For me, a set of polished old school high flange hub/ box-section wheels would set it off beautifully. The mismatched deep-V rear looks as incongruous as billet rims on a Volvo Amazon. I would be happy to own both this bike and an Amazon wagon, come to think of it.

This past week's Downtown glimpse was my first sighting of this particular bike. Did one of our usual messengers add another bike to his stable or could this belong to someone new in town?


Damian said...

Welcome back. I'd been missing the detailed observations of these posts.

Have you considered mentioning the tubing material, butting, etc. when possible? These are rich details.


Chris V said...

I saw this bike last week out in front of the city place starbucks! I was loving it then and now. Sweet ride, that`s for sure.

little giant ladder said...

So wonderful pictures which you share above. It was such a nice ride. I like your photography. It such a wonderful and beautiful.

R7CHARD said...

And Crescent for All...!

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