Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Falling water

It's the tail end of fall and it's cold and dark, but there's one sign of spring: the Connecticut River is flooded. There are even ducks. I attempted a lunch time ride up to Windsor along the riverfront, but was thwarted by the high water.


Erik Jorgensen said...

Have you seen this website with the information regarding the river height at Hartford? Pretty neat: http://waterdata.usgs.gov/ct/nwis/uv?dd_cd=05&format=html&period=7&site_no=01190070

Brendan said...

I have. When I was planning that river cleanup, I kept checking it.

Salem needs to check those next time he schedules a ride down Point Rd.

Tony C said...

Last night just followed a portion of the East Hartford riverfront path from the boat dock over to Bulkley Bridge. Water was just below the path level, only a short 50' section submerged.

Reminds me of a series of progressive bad decisions that put me into water deeper than my 700C wheels. Was riding to class after work one night and tried to take the Rt 2 ramp shortcut to the riverfront. Forgot that it had rained steadily for the last week. Went poorly. Turned back when I realized that it was going to be more than shoulder deep by the time I got to the river.

Chris V said...

Tony C,

What is the Rt 2 ramp shortcut? I hate riding on Main St in East Hartford on my way to Hartford and would love avoid it.

Tony C said...

@ Chris

Good to meet you randomly at P&W the other day. Hope you get good use of the Willow Street to Riverfront "on ramp" short cut. It's my favorite, but watch out for high water.