Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pot kettle black

For some reason, the New York Times has jumped on the anti-bike lane and "cyclists break traffic rules all the time" bandwagon that is generally the realm of the Post. I don't know if someone on their editorial board had a bad experience with a bike a month ago or something, but it's an all of the sudden thing. See here, here and here.

Now I'm all for cyclists following traffic rules, but I think it's a good idea for everyone to follow traffic rules. And, that's the canard in this argument. There's no concerted effort to get everyone to follow rules, just cyclists. The argument implies that the only ones braking the rules are cyclists. If you think that's the case, you're an idiot.

What it really boils down to is that people in cars are jealous. They're stuck in traffic and someone who looks like they're having much more fun in commute has just cruised passed them. It's not because they feel like their safety is threatened. No one in a car feels threatened by a bike. So, they cry foul about some kind of vague "traffic law" thing... just as they pull into the parking lane to make an illegal right on red.

So, that's it. Not my greatest post ever.


Schleppi Longstocking said...

Cops, for no good reason, break laws all the time. Most motorists break laws constantly.

My only gripe about cyclists breaking laws is when those who choose to ride on the sidewalks act like they have the right of way and don't warn or respect the safety of pedestrians.

Anyway, the news media needs to kvetch about something constantly...they always need a villain. I guess they had to take a break from WikiLeaks, terrorism, Obamacare, and DADT to address something that mostly poses a danger only to those committing the acts of idiocy...which is not the case of those breaking laws behind the wheel.

While I'm hijacking this, I'll just add one more thought. If I ever breed (you know, gotta do my patriotic service for Connecticut's birth rate) my child will be allowed to curse. She will be allowed to watch Rated R movies at age three. She can leave the house wearing short skirts...but under NO fucking circumstances will she be getting her license before age eighteen nor will she be getting rides from teen drivers. If we want to talk about real danger, there it is.

Peter Smith said...

the reason for the spate of articles is because the NYCDOT and Transportation Alternative both signed off on the 'attack cyclists' message -- apparently we weren't being taunted/terrorized/injured/killed enough.

WABA (DC) just followed suit.

i just started a twitter hashtag and did an xtranormal video -- it helps vent.

fun times.

Brendan said...

Or, it could be the incoming Speaker of the House's whisper campaign. You may remember from early in the Obama presidency that he hates bike paths/lanes.