Monday, August 9, 2010

Sea and Oh

You may recall from the landmark beat bike blog post that Johanna and Brendan sometimes ride a long way. We did it again. This time we decided to ride the C&O Canal. It's a tow path that runs from Washington, D.C. to Cumberland, MD. Friend of the blog, Dan Shoup rode it once (among other things) and I've been wanting to ride it since I was in 5th grade. Earlier this week, we did it.

It was a fun cycling and camping adventure with Johanna astride her Kona Jake the Snake and me with the 23 year old Diamond Back Apex. There were arguments, horrible thunderstorms, really cool caves, quality American meals, a beautiful river, bent rims and more dirt road riding (370 miles) than you can shake something at. Originally, I had planned to write some long narrative about our ride, but this isn't crazy guy on a bike. We're succinct here and I've leave you with some pictures.

The only downside to bike touring is that my right pinkie still has no feeling.

near Sharpsburg, MD.

Great Falls!

Paw Paw tunnel

You see a lot of this.

Ortlieb makes awesome panniers.

The Canal is full of these dudes.

I found my 'cross bike's long lost Technium cousin in Hancock, MD.

And finally, River City Cycles in Williamsport, MD is an awesome bike shop. Highly, highly recommended. Johanna wheel was trued back from oblivion and the owner was wearing an Iron Cross t shirt.

And of course, my valiant traveling companion:

I'm in a cave.


Billy Hoyle said...

Looks like so much fun. You are champions for getting 'er done! Look at that dry riverbed. imagine the possibilities. The greek ruins, the canal-side narrow gauge... great photos!

Brendan said...

We saw a kayaker at Great Falls and thought about how Joel is good at kayaking.

Anonymous said...

How long did it take? Where did you start/finish? How did you get there? And, if you started at one end, finished at the other, and took a car, how did you get back to your car?

Brendan said...

It took a few days, starting from DC and then coming back again.

Schleppi Longstocking said...

Did you bring home any turtles?

I'm asking because I think tying a turtle to the bike rack would make an awesome security system, though I guess I'd have to train it to not bite me first.

Brendan said...

It's probably illegal to take a turtle from nat'l park service property.

Besides, my bike is already painted like a snake.