Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Calories and stuff

Calorie deficits are weird. You do something that uses of a lot of calories. You're not hungry while you're doing it, but then you're hungry for the next three days.

you can buy this cd. it's got music by me on it.

Anyway, there's another catalogue this weekend. It's a tag sale and you can buy art for $5. Some details:

Hello All,
Reminder: August CATALOGUE event, Original Art Object Tag Sale:

Saturday, August 28
From mid-morning onward
342 Oakwood Avenue, WH CT

This is an opportunity to:
Make money
Get your work into the community
Get rid of old objects that someone else might love
Purchase art objects that are worth more than $5 for $5
Drink lemonade

True-no-foolin' tag sale. It will take place beside the road and contain a million art objects. This is the goal. We do not have a million yet. Many, but not a million. Everything will be priced at $5 and will come with a CATALOGUE tag of authenticity, signed by the seller. The seller will take home all earnings! There is no limit to the amount of art objects you can offer. Come and sell things. Come and buy things.

Contact Nick or Joe at to arrange drop-off and to sign tags by Monday, August 23rd (so that the work can be organized, photographed, and arranged by the 28th).



Erik Jorgensen said...

Can anyone confirm or deny that the phrase "tag sale" is unique to Connecticut?

Interstatement said...

I had never heard it used before moving to Connecticut, but I did hear it used on Long Island by a resident Lawngilanduh since then.

I've thought more than once about collecting a bunch of tags and having an actual tag sale in my driveway.

Interstatement said...
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Brendan said...

while it's in the connecticut, I don't believe that the creators of this specific tag sale are from connecticut.

though, they've been hear for awhile, perhaps we've rubbed off on them.