Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dead real estate

I was putting some final touches on Johanna's Jake the Snake for upcoming abuse of it on the D2R2. I wanted to take it for a spin, so I rode it up through Cedar Hill Cemetery, out towards the quarry and nearby spooky environs. Much too my surprise, they're doing all sorts of crazy new construction at Cedar Hill. It looks like they're adding more ponds and that they've taken down a good 5 acres worth of forest (which, of course, make me a little sad). How did I miss this? I go through there pretty regularly, but it has been maybe a month or two.

And then (GPS is so cool!), I rode down through those other Cedar Hill trails and some of it appears to be legit singletrack.

(this is not a picture of legit singletrack)
This is totally fucked up. In the woods above Cedar Hill, there are a couple of pet carriers, indicating that people drive up there to abandon their pets. Assholes. If you can take on the responsibility of getting a pet, don't get one at all.


house in Chandigarh said...
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Schleppi Longstocking said...

You're so glass half empty. If I were to leave an animal carrier in the woods, it'd be because I wanted for a creature to volunteer itself to be my pet. It's more humane than a trap because of the raccoon, fox, feral cat, dog, or mountain lion were still there when I arrived, I would know that she really wanted a forever home.

Next time, bring one of the carriers home. I'd like to mount one on the back of my bike so my kitties can go for rides.

Brendan said...

I've often considered riding around with the cat and seems that building your own carrier is a lot cheaper than this:

Simon said...

that is so sad that people just leave their pets in the forest - they are not wild animals and have never learnt to fend for themselves. It is cruel.