Monday, August 30, 2010

Bikes Outside: Pratt Still Lacks Racks in Fact

I've seen this hardtail on Pratt Street dozens of times. It's one of the regulars at the ornate iron fence in front of the late, lamented Tanuki Japanese Noodle Kitchen. It's still not a proper bike rack, mind you, but it is one of the prettiest improvised bike racks in town.

Circumstantial evidence points to bike messenger usage though a derailleur-geared mountain bike with disc brakes is a bold departure from messenger orthodoxy. It's not a bad idea, though, as there is plenty of off-road goodness to be had near downtown Hartford. What better way to cap off the workday than a knobby-tired happy hour?

Here's mud in your eye!


Mark said...

What a poser! Spoke cards on a geared bike? The Horror! What an outrage!

Brendan said...

sean's madison was stolen last year.

chillwill said...

and he got replacement spokecards under some sort of alleycat warrenty? that's $5 well spent!