Monday, March 22, 2010

Tour de Talcott

I don't what it is this, but starting late last summer and into this year, I've started finding all sorts of new singletrack. Maybe I've got my eye out more or maybe I ride with a more open mind, who knows? Obviously they're only new to me, because if other people weren't riding on them, there'd be no trail.

Yesterday, I decided to the Tour de Talcott. Personally, I think Trans-Talcott sounds better-- more Kraftwerkian. I rode this section the opposite direction of the way I usually do and found this cute little swath of singletrack that I must have ridden by 100 times.

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Nothing else really happened yesterday, besides the riding of the bike. There were quite a few other mountain bikers out, so I didn't get lonely. I think at Penwood I saw the guy who writes that Charlie Rides a Bike blog. I don't know what he looks like, but I recognized his bike. His group was intense, unlike when I need to walk up a hill with my singlespeed, these guys run up them.

Oh, I did discover another new trail at Penwood, but I didn't explore it. There appears to be a new green-blazed trail that runs between the creek/road and the really, really hard to ride section of the Metacomet. It spurs off that little section of singletrack that cuts away from the creek/road. Anybody ever ride it? Where does it go?

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It also appears that the creek/road trail had some maintenance done to it. Thanks who ever did that.

So, yeah, it was a good day, but I suppose any day is when it's sunny and you get to mountain bike for 3 1/2 hours is.

Monument to a fallen hang glider?


Curt said...

Good stuff!

John said...

I also just discovered that green blazed trail at Penwood. Not sure who built it, but it looks pretty new. It runs from the trail NEMBA built about 7 years ago off of the no-name trail on the Bloomfield side, up the mountain to the peak just above Wintonbury road.