Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Catalogue: me

I've been given the singular honor of being featured in Joe, Joel and Nick's monthly Catalogue show. Come check it out (and tell me that I should stick to bikes)!

Please accept this E-Minder-Invite to attend the March CATALOGUE show:

Saturday, March 27th
8 o'clock

56 Arbor Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Suite number forthcoming

Brendan Mahoney is a soup-eater, a daily morning one, and this practice is done alone, in the morning, in the kitchen, before work, one hit of Romen per day. Brendan is a craftsman of soup, a proud cook, and lover of those noodles that you can't get anywhere else. The broth packets, however, he has retained and must now purge. With us, Brendan shares this cleansing. He will be cooking soup all night, a bowl at a time, and maybe you'll get one if you ask him. Don't know. This is a celebration. This celebration will include soup, hot-plates, Brendan, soundscapes, boiling broth, maybe video feeds? Love those.

Brendan is a Hartford warrior, writer of referenda and avid bike-man who works for the city. CATALOGUE is a monthly event that showcases artists, musicians and other creative endeavors, and is hosted by Joe Saphire, Nick Rice, and Joel VanderKamp. The event is a collaboration between artist, curator, community and space. CATALOGUEs for Nick Rice's February show, as well as other previous shows, will be available on Saturday the 27th.

Contact us for directions or questions: CATA.info.LOGUE@gmail.com, and please pass this invitation along to those we might have missed.

Joe Saphire
Nick Rice
Joel VanderKamp

It's free and the beer's free!

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