Monday, March 1, 2010

No particular place to go

We've been having weird weather lately. All of my typically visited spots are wet and gross, because in Hartford we're in some kind of doughnut hole (unrelated to Medicare Part D). There was an article about the lack of snow in Hartford, but the ring of heavy snow around us in the Courant, but I'm unable to find it. The article called it a snow doughnut hole. I wasn't creative enough to mint the term.

Anyway, the weird weather makes me not want to ride for very long, because rain in the 30s gets you sick. Actually, I was already sick last week, so I guess I didn't want to get worse. So, I've just been pedaling around neighborhoods trying not to get rained on. On Friday, I rode down to Wethersfield and then all this sleet started to fall on me. While it was intense and cool looking, it made me want to go home.

On Saturday, I went to the bank, but via the Cigna/Met Life campus. It was reminded of high school, because I spent a lot hanging out in office complexes. Tobacco fields, too. I prefer office complexes because I find corporate architecture pretty.

On Sunday, I attempted to ride at the Reservoir, but even my newly beloved Racing Ralphs can't ride through six inch deep wet snow (35mm is too wide to cut down to traction and far to narrow to float on top). Although, slogging through that crap was formidable exercise, even if other trail users think you're a moron.

In closing, I hope Spring comes for real soon and firms up the earth, because if my side yard is any indication, the world continues to be impassable on a bike.


Salem said...

You could still have been original by calling it a powdered-donut hole.

Brendan said...

As a non-doughnut lover, I don't think in specifics like that.