Saturday, March 20, 2010

In what form will our punishment come?

First off, I want to thank Ms. Longstocking for bringing such controversy to our blog. We love it! The East Coast Greenway is a big deal, even the much maligned CT DOT bike map recognizes it. One would think that Google would at least incorporate that map as a starting point.

In her next post, I heard a rumor that she may take on the Apple and the iPhone. ;-)

Winter is drawing to a close, and unlike last year when it was nice and in the 50s, this year it's nice and in the 70s. In fact, the weather is nice, The Courant took a picture of Lucas in a hammock. I've been able to do lots of mountain biking and wear a tshirt.

So, at what cost? Will the stock market crash? Is it going to snow on Wednesday? Are we enjoying nice weather on the backs of those in New York and Fairfield county who've had trees fall on their cars?

Koi are in full effect again this year.

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