Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Thank you Lance Armstrong.

Since I'm a dork, I have an alert setup with nytimes.com to send me articles tagged with "bicycles". For years, I'd get like one a month or so. It'd usually be at the end of some important race like a Spring Classic or Grand Tour, or maybe every couple of months about some guy a bike. As there was that mini gas saving push to ride bikes starting in 2008, there were a few more articles and now they have that Spokes blog (and that stupid one about the reporter who rode a bike in France), but that hasn't changed too much. But, the biggest up tick in the number of alerts has occurred since Lance Armstrong announced his comeback-- like, there were daily updates on Paris-Nice and that article yesterday about the problems associated with televising bike races. That article was pretty surprising. I thought that complaining about bicycle racing on tv was provenience of weird bike bloggers.

Also, you ever try a front rack? They're freaking awesome! In the last 18 hours, I've carried a 12pack of Miller Lite and my lunch, so far it's like nothing I've ever experienced. I recommend this one: the Pletscher Athlete. It's simple, cheaper and can go on the front or back. It also has this cool mousetrap system to hold smallish items.


Interstatement said...

I've been wanting a front rack for the cargo bike for a while, but I'm about to swap on a Big Dummy fork with a disc brake, which will complicate things a bit. Yuba's site shows a nice big stationary one that clamps on the head tube, but they have been out of stock for ages.

dougyfresh said...

I need a rack like that to put my bag of clothes and lunch on when I'm riding to work. My back winds up sweating too much.

My Vicious and Track bike don't have any mounting points. Looks like I need to find one that uses clamps, huh?

Oh, but I think I have that rack that I won at the first Eel. I'll have to check that one out.

Brendan said...

Nitto makes these clamps that supposedly will make this rack work on most any fork. They're somewhere on the Rivendell website.

Good seeing you last night. I should have turned around, because in my usual Case form I got lost and ended on the wrong part of the power lines.