Monday, June 1, 2009

Looking for stuff

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On Saturday, my job impelled me to chill in Keney Park, which is fine because I love chillin in Keney Park. When chillin disbanded around two, I headed north because of I've wondered what's north of the golf course, as in the mysterious Matianuck State Park and its dunes. There's a trail that runs along the western edge of the golf course, which I had been a little ways down before, but not very far. I figured this would be probably be the best way to access the mysterious park. It goes for a ways and then starts to branch off. It appears that these trails are seldom used except for by a few dirt bikes. Eventually, I must have entered the park, because I saw a few professional-looking white blazes on the trees (like in real state parks). And, I think I found a dune, or least it something sandy. There were also lots of stacks of tires, which led me to think that this state park must have had grand prixes in it at some point. Eventually, I ended up in that big cemetery off of Blue Hills Ave in Bloomfield.



Sunday, I found a pond on top of the mountain in Avon off of the secret communications station road at 360 (380?) Montevideo Rd. I guess it must be Hoe Pond. It looks like there's a really awesome house on the pond that goes the pond in its backyard and a view of the Farmington Valley in the front.


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