Thursday, April 23, 2009

Terrorist or Monster Attack???

As you know, people in the Hartford area cannot drink tap water right now without injesting rotifers and copepods. Boiling water, as prescribed by The MDC, is cumbersome and bottled water is enviro-unfriendly. What are you doing to cope?

Strangely, when this news broke, I was at the reservoir mountain biking (WH reservoir, not Bloomfield). I also had a camelback filled with MDC water.

Remember when it looked like this?

Also, I'm very surprised that no one has made mention of the Reservoir Monster. Mentioned here, here, and here.

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goolia said...

ugh - this is quite annoying because I don't use bottle water, and i'm just plain too lazy to boil my water. but in the end...i'm going with boiling and drinking lots of tea...because i'm too lazy to wait for the water to cool to drinking level.

i think this is a conspiracy between the tea and bottled water companies.