Friday, April 24, 2009

Bike to Work Day in the Courant: BBB Gets Love!

Our own Ben Bare and some other jokers were prominently displayed in the Courant's story with video accompaniment today about Ride Your Bike To Work Day, which is today (and, you know, every day, but all the other days there's no free bagels and coffee at the Old State House). Columnist Rick Green even shouted out the Beat Bike Blog on his blog, which covered RYBTW Day a little bit more. (Props to Ben for telling Green that "the place to learn about cycling is the local Beat Bike Blog." Word up!) With that kind of slow-news-day synergy, I would have expected an accompanying editorial about how worthwhile it is to ride bikes but alas, there's just some dumb stuff about planting trees (the Courant is in favor) and the dangers of killers who use craigslist to stalk their victims (the Courant wants you to be careful out there, OK?). (For a moment, I also got excited that there may have been another cycling-related story in today's paper, but it turned out that the article headlined "Lawyer in Messenger Case Files Complaint Against Another Lawyer" has to do with some guy named Messenger, not a bicycle courier.)

Anyway, now that we've received the imprimatur of the city's paper of record, I expect a massive increase in traffic to this website. So to our new readers, I say, "Welcome! This bike-riding in Hartford, it's a good thing, and we Beat Bike Bloggers are here to facilitate your two-wheeled exploration of our city in any way we can. So please, if you have any questions concerning bicycles and Hartford, ask them in the comments, and we will endeavor to answer them. And don't forget Critical Mass this afternoon at 5:30 by the Bushnell Park carousel!"

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