Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bike to Work

The weather is finally breaking and the infernal wind seems to actually be cooperating this week. I know the event is mentioned on our side rolling board, but I figured a special upfront reminder was a good idea.

This Friday, 7-9 am, on the lawn at the Old State House. Bagels, bananas, coffee and oj provided by CCBA. Would love to see you all there.


Karma said...

More than cooperating, the weather should be gorgeous for friday hopefully bolstering turnout. As for myself lets see if I can only get out of bed early enough to ride into the city then back over to West Farms in time for work!!

goolia said...

Karma - i'm planning on riding in friday morn if you want to ride with me!

Karma said...

I dont know, thats a little out of my way, what are you four houses down? Let me think about it.